A Lot Has Happened In The Past Year For Mortgage Lenders

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Exactly a year ago mortgage rates were low and demand was high. It seemed like everyone was selling, buying, or refinancing a home. There’s no doubt that the summer of 2021 was hot for mortgage lenders, but everyone knows that the market must cool eventually. Recently, the Fed […]

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You’re Awash With Information but Where Do You Start? #Insightful IDP

Alan Pelz-Sharpe at Deep Analysis is on a mission to prevent organizations from making mistakes by backward thinking, whether it is from taking a “technology first” perspective or relying too heavily on simplistic frameworks to make vendor selections, there are a lot of worst practices to avoid. Even in an age where there is a […]

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What You Don’t Know About IDP Could Fill a Book #Insightful IDP

Rude? Perhaps. True? Definitely. But let’s face it, there are a lot of B2B technology solutions that are hard to grok let alone implement successfully. That CRM system you’re exploring? Functionally complex, and plenty of ways to get it wrong. Automated, multi-channel customer service application? Watch out, or you’ll be under a deluge of angry […]

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There’s More to Measuring Success Than Achieving Straight-Through Document Automation

Parascript is co-sponsoring a talk with Ricoh USA at the upcoming Insurance AI and Innovative Tech conference in Chicago on April 26th and 27th.  Ricoh has been doing some fantastic work in the area of combining AI, SaaS delivery models, and turnkey outsourced staffing as part of its new vision for digital transformation. The focus of this talk […]

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Starting From the Middle Instead of the Beginning

I just read a great article in Document Strategy’s Spring issue by Alan Pelz-Sharpe, the principle at Deep Analysis. The main premise is that while organizations can choose to tackle digital transformation projects at a large scale, should they? The article goes on to point out some impressive arguments for taking a more selective approach […]

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Too Much Focus Can Spoil Real Automation Opportunities

Sometimes it’s not all about adopting AI to make things work better. I was reminded recently about the power and significant benefits of process reengineering in a call with a prospective client. Most companies that deal with document-based data within key processes naturally gravitate to the idea of applying AI to automate a lot of […]

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Losing Weight Without Spending 4 Hours at the Gym

e·qui·lib·ri·um /ˌēkwəˈlibrēəm,ˌekwəˈlibrēəm/ noun: equilibrium; plural noun: equilibria a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced. The key to losing weight is to focus on inputs and outputs. If you are eating more calories than you are burning, you gain weight. If you are at a state of equilibrium, you maintain your current weight, […]

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The 10,000-Hour Rule & IDP

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, he popularizes the concept that to be great at anything requires at least 10,000 hours of practice. He argues, citing various studies, that the more research conducted into acknowledged high-performing individuals across many fields, the less innate talent mattered and the more critical was a near-ritualistic devotion to preparation and […]

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Wrangling the “Simple” Structured Form (And Everything Else for That Matter)

In last week’s article a bubble was burst: automating that simple structured form ain’t so simple. You might have been led to believe by what you read on the Interwebs that your forms are a piece of cake to apply IDP in order to achieve high levels of automation. But what you’re reading is mostly […]

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A Dive Into the Claim of Low Sample Requirements

I’ve written about this before but the topic always deserves a revisit, especially since so many solution providers in the intelligent document processing (IDP) market claim to provide very simple deployments. And why not? Is there anyone looking for something overly-complex? I think not. But it is a far cry to claim a super-simple deployment […]

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In IDP, Trust in AI-Based Automation Is Still an Issue

WIRED held a great virtual event called RE: WIRED where esteemed machine learning thought leader Kai-Fu-Lee spoke about the future of AI and its potential. The discussion covered a lot of aspects including privacy, transparency, and bias where ML is used. One topic covered was the issue of “explainability” of AI, where Mr. Lee says […]

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