Hidden Costs: Image Quality and Usability

Image quality remains an ongoing challenge for our financial clients. In benchmarking our data verification and check fraud prevention projects, it’s easy to demonstrate that image-based processing is highly successful. However, the very small percentage of poor quality images can cost financial institutions millions of dollars to research and correct. A recent white paper from […]

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Taking the Risk out of Risky Business: Restrictive Endorsement and Advanced Validation Applications

The advent of new channels and devices available for interacting with financial institutions has increased customer choices for remote deposits among other activities while simultaneously creating greater risk. Whether intentional or by accident, the potential for a check to be altered or deposited multiple times on different dates or at different institutions are real and […]

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Infographic: Adoption of Mobile Banking

Mitek Systems has a great year in review infographic regarding adoption of mobile computing devices and their use within retail banking. It’s becoming pretty clear that being able to perform common banking functions with your mobile device is a very appealing draw to many banking customers and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. ATM […]

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Video: Process Documents and Checks with a Single Capture Solution

Parascript has been a recognized leader for check recognition in the financial services and banking industry. The company is a key technology supplier providing the powerful engine behind the best solution providers with the highest accuracy and exceptional read rates. This world-class check recognition engine is now available as part of Parascript’s Intelligent Document Recognition […]

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Recognition and Remote Deposit Capture – Takeaways from this year’s RDC Summit

This year’s annual Remote Deposit Capture summit was held in Orlando, Sept 25-27. It is a fascinating niche event that unlike many industry conferences evolves dramatically each year. And for the financial industry, which tends to be slow about technology adoption; watching the evolution of this space is really interesting. Here’s a summary of the […]

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