advanced capture for medical records

$36 Billion Cautionary Tale for Digital Transformation | Medical Records

A joint investigation by Fortune Magazine and Kaiser Health News offers a very useful case study of sorts for the negative ramifications of digital transformation projects that are not well-defined or coordinated. The results of this investigation were published in a recent long-form article by Fortune called, “Death by a Thousand Clicks.” You’ll want to […]

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Medical Claims Processing for Machine Printed and Handwritten Forms [Video]

Manually processing medical claim forms is time consuming and prone to errors. Most claims are originated and transmitted electronically, but there is still a significant amount that are sent using paper. Automating this paper process is not easy as medical claims are complex and hard-to-read forms. Parascript’s advanced document capture and recognition software, FormXtra, makes […]

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The Cost of Medical Snooping

A new HIMSS healthcare security just came out that identifies the very real risk of HIPAA non-compliance by healthcare staff (you can find a nice article summarizing the report here). The penalty in terms of fines for health-related security breaches is quite severe at around $810,000. In another report, 61% of healthcare organizations reported a security […]

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