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Why That “Simple Structured Form” Is So Hard to Process

Let me get the following statement out of the way before I begin my rant: most people have very little understanding of what IDP is let alone how to go about achieving great performance – and this includes many of the vendors you’re considering. Just sayin’. So now to that supposedly simple form you’re trying […]

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In Healthcare, We’re Dealing with Another Type of Attachment Disorder

Earlier this year, Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) released their 2020 Index which measures the progress of adopting automation for a variety of administrative processes. The upshot is that billions of dollars are being saved by converting manual processes and the data they use into electronic transactions and 2019 increased savings by $20 billion […]

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How the Healthcare Documents You Use Affect the Potential for Automation

Within practically any industry, key processes hinge upon access to information and data stored within documents and it is no less in healthcare. Even with significant advancements with EHR/EMR and interoperability, use of documents continues to flourish due to a number of factors including that documents are easy to use, and changing from documents to […]

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