In IDP, Trust in AI-Based Automation Is Still an Issue

WIRED held a great virtual event called RE: WIRED where esteemed machine learning thought leader Kai-Fu-Lee spoke about the future of AI and its potential. The discussion covered a lot of aspects including privacy, transparency, and bias where ML is used. One topic covered was the issue of “explainability” of AI, where Mr. Lee says […]

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There Is No Easy Button, but We’re Getting Closer | Part 3

In order to refresh your memory… here are Part 1 & Part 2. In this last part 3 covering the issue of training samples, we come to the most complex part of the process of curating training sets – High Variance document types. Looking at the Explanation of Payment (EOP) document within insurance payments as […]

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The Automation Cheat Sheet for IDP Newbies

I routinely like to juxtapose IDP software with other enterprise software mostly because the differences, while routinely neglected, are vast, and we’re not just talking about applications or features and functionality. When it comes to most enterprise software, emphasis is on user or process efficiency or introducing new capabilities to the business all of which […]

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What is the most important feature in IDP?

What is the most important feature of an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product? Hint: You already know but you don’t spend enough time on it. Before I get to the point, let’s discuss how IDP software is different from most other enterprise software. Features & Functionality – The Hopeless Scorecard of Enterprise Software We’ve all […]

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Does a Highly Efficient Process Always Require AI?

Everyone talks about AI (and more appropriately machine learning) as being the silver bullet to the challenge of achieving highly efficient business processes. And on the surface, the excitement and perspectives appear appropriate. After all, machine learning has the ability to see things in data that humans might never notice and automatically perform tasks with […]

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How the Healthcare Documents You Use Affect the Potential for Automation

Within practically any industry, key processes hinge upon access to information and data stored within documents and it is no less in healthcare. Even with significant advancements with EHR/EMR and interoperability, use of documents continues to flourish due to a number of factors including that documents are easy to use, and changing from documents to […]

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