Machine Learning and Ease of Use

Machine Learning and Ease of Use in Document Automation

More than just the end user experience, ease of use leveraging machine learning unleashes document automation for every organization. Find out how.

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How to Conduct a PoC focused on STP

How to Conduct a PoC Focused on Straight Through Processing

These practical steps for a Proof of Concept (PoC) offer guidance on assessing the straight through processing (STP) potential of any intelligent capture system.

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Intelligent Capture - Know the Facts

New Vendors are Playing Fake It ’til You Make It – Know the Facts

Adopting intelligent capture is risky if you don’t have all the facts. Here is actionable advice for avoiding the pitfalls and ensuring project success.

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Automated Signature Verification addresses vote by mail fear of fraud

Signature Verification Software Can Address Fear of Voting Fraud

Over 2/3s of registered voters want vote by mail due to concerns about the coronavirus. Find out how signature verification software keeps VBM reliable and efficient.

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Building a cognitive capture solution

What Does It Take To Build A Cognitive Capture Solution From Scratch?

What it takes to build a cognitive capture solution from scratch is important due to the hidden elements of staff skills and OCR performance. Find out more.

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Data Accessibility in Insurance

Document Automation for Data Accessibility in Insurance

Intelligent Document Processing powered by artificial intelligence also holds great promise for true automation and data accessibility in insurance.

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Does Your OCR Suffer from Low Confidence?

Does Your OCR Suffer From Low Confidence?

Does Your OCR Suffer From Low Confidence? Explore how to ensure that accurate data passes straight into business workflows without manual verification.

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Work at Home Like Isaac Newton

Work at Home Like Isaac Newton

Work from home like Isaac Newton; here are four keys points as guidance for all the isolated digital transformation (DX) pioneers.

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Rethinking Operations Under a “Black Swan” Event

Rethinking operations during this black swan event means the adoption of new technologies and services to keep businesses running. Find out how.

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Digital Transformation Is the Document Dead

Is the Document Dead with Digital Transformation?

Since the document is serving as a Digital Transformation (DX) data container, the document might not die with DX; this may be its resurgence. Find out why.

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Technology Behind Straight Through Processing - Accuracy in STP

Technology Behind Straight Through Processing | How STP Works

Intelligent capture technology behind achieving STP requires accuracy. This means examining the elements of accuracy & how to evaluate it, discussed here.

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Fraud Prevention NOT just for Banks

Fraud Prevention Not Just for Banks | State & Local Government

Fraud Prevention is not just for banks, state & local government help prevent fraud very cost effectively using signature verification automation.

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Refi Mortgage Applications Leap to 7 Year High

Refi Applications Leap to Seven Year High on Coronavirus Fears

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting many areas of commerce & business, but the outbreak has the opposite effect on US mortgage markets. Find out why.

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Intelligent Capture: What Gets Us Into Trouble

Intelligent Capture – What Gets Us Into Trouble… | OCR vs Data Science

With Intelligent Capture, what gets us into trouble…is approaching document automation as an OCR problem instead of a data science problem. Find out why.

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Should the Focus of Document Automation Stop at Paper?

Should Focus on Document Automation Stop at Paper?

For document automation & digital transformation projects, many organizations still focus on paper, but it’s time to broaden that scope. Find out why.

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