Intelligent Document Processing with Parascript

Templates vs. the Alternative. Which is better for Intelligent Capture?

Explore if and when templates are useful in Intelligent Capture and how machine learning is used for highly variable documents or unstructured documents.

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Intelligent Capture and Coffee - learn with Parascript

Intelligent Capture & Coffee: Answers to What Everyone Asked

Enterprises created a work-from-anywhere environment and events went exclusively online so when we attended intelligent capture webinars, many of us had the same questions, answered here.

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Predicting Data Types for IDP Software

Predicting Data Types for Intelligent Document Processing Software

How to configure your Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software so it does what you want it to by leveraging truly intelligent capture.

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Machine learning without training

Is There Machine Learning That Does NOT Require Training?

Is there such a thing as machine learning that does NOT require training on sample data? The answer is “sort of” – find out why here.

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Assistive Automation with Parascript

Making the Case for Automation

Every organization with complex processes can benefit from automation by automating manual processes to reduce effort, but how do you do that for core processes?

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Vote-By-Mail and Automated Signature Verification

The USA Election, Vote-By-Mail and AI

AI is now more commonplace in the never-ending battle to keep our elections safe and secure using proven automated signature verification. Find out how it is used.

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is NLP necessary?

Do You Really Need NLP to Classify Documents?

Explore what Natural Language Processing (NLP) means and when you really need NLP to automate document-oriented processes. This article also delves into document classification – what it does and why organizations use it.

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Easy Button with Deep Learning

IDP: No Easy Button, But We’re Getting Closer – Part 2

Find out about Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) strategies and shortcuts for what amount of data is satisfactory and how to get there.

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How to Ensure Compliance with Parascript Software

How Compliance Automation Can Help Your Top Line

Compliance costs have skyrocketed both for the finance industry and for insurance. Automation offers new possibilities in efficiency and savings.

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Parascript IDP with Deep Learning

No Easy Button, But We Are Getting Closer

There’s no easy button for intelligent document processing, but we are getting closer with the use of deep learning. Find out how.

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Handwriting Recognition: we all have our own font!

Handwriting Recognition: What’s Changed and What’s Possible Now

Key developments in handwriting recognition are discussed here. This includes handwriting recognition innovations and their importance today.

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Is Your IDP PoC Futureproof?

Is Your IDP Proof of Concept Foolproof?

Acquiring automation solutions often means conducting a Proof of Concept or evaluation because technology solutions are often too complex to assess simply by comparing a list of features. Find out how to conduct a successful PoC here.

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straight through claims processing with Parascript

Why Health Insurers Desperately Need Straight Through Claims Processing

Insurers dramatically improve time-to-payment for claims by a Straight Through Processing system powered by IDP software. Find out how here.

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Input Data Is Gold

With Software-defined IDP, Is Gathering Input Data Really A Problem?

Now that Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is here, is gathering input data really that big of a problem? Find out here.

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Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

The Age of Software-defined Intelligent Document Processing

The age of software-defined Intelligent Document Processing is here. Find out what this means for your organization.

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